Bay & Bow Windows

Bay & Bow Window Installation in Greater Boston

Bay and bow windows are known for their ability to expand the view of every room. They are characterized by window combinations that project outward from a home. With their elegant arches and angles, these windows look great from both the inside and the outside.

If you are looking for windows that will increase the value of your home, bay and bow windows should be considered. At GF Sprague, our team of professionals can help you choose from a variety of styles and options available for these windows in order to find the option that fits your home best. Call today for a free estimate in Newton, Needham, Wellesley, Brookline, Chestnut Hill, Weston, Cambridge, Quincy, Watertown, Boston and the nearby areas.

Advantages of Using Bay and Bow Replacement Windows:

  • They expand the view to the outdoors in any room.
  • They are available in a variety of colors.
  • Many brands of bay windows are energy efficient.
  • There are weather stripping systems available for bow windows that seal out dust, wind, and water.
  • They can make a room feel larger than it actually is.
  • They add to the value of the home.
  • They allow natural light to enter the home.
  • They offer great ventilation.
  • They are versatile, allowing them to match virtually any style of home.

Disadvantages of Using Bay and Bow Replacement Windows

  • It is difficult to add a window treatment to bay windows.
  • They tend to be one of the most expensive types of replacement window available.
  • They can cause a home serious damage if they are not installed properly.

Styles of Bay and Bow Windows

Double hung replacement windows are a popular window type because they are incredibly versatile. There are a variety of different styles and options available. No matter what kind of look a home has, there is usually a style of double hung windows that will work with that particular look.

  • Bay Windows: Bay windows consist of three windows of varying sizes. Usually the window in the center is larger while the two on the side are smaller. The smaller windows are typically double hung and are angled from the wall by 30 – 40 degrees.
  • Bow Windows: Bow windows are made up of three to six windows that are all the same size. This results in a design that is a more gradual curve, compared to the sharper angle of bay windows. There are three types of installations typically used for bow windows: casements, double hung, or single hung.
  • Colors: Bay and bow windows are available in a variety of colors, allowing homeowners to match virtually any style of home. Whether your home is more traditional or more modern, there is likely a bay window or bow window that would be a great enhancement to the appearance of your home.
  • Materials: Like most types of windows, bay and bow windows are available in different kinds of materials. For example, vinyl bay and bow windows are popular because of their affordability and low maintenance requirements. Wood is also a very common choice for bay windows, because of its strength, durability, and versatile look. Fiberglass bow windows are also becoming more popular because of their great insulation and versatility.