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Claudio S.1/28/2021

My 25 year old roof experienced wind damage and was patched 24-30 hours after I spoke to GF Sprague. A large snow storm was approaching and they were fully aware of the importance of making the repair in a timely manner. Throughout the process they communicated with me... read more

peter r.1/25/2021

Patrick did an excellent job putting in a copper valley and replacing the slate roof tiles

Paul S.1/25/2021

Superb in every way. Thank you!

Manuel G.1/25/2021

Muy bueno el trabjo de gf sprague c....

Jeff H.1/18/2021

Matt Dagostino brought his A Team and did an outstanding job. They placed cedar shingles on 140 year-old Carriage House and Horse Shed, with copper caps. They were flexible and accommodated change requests to address rotten boards. When a lantern broke, they fixed it at their expense. On top of... read more

Jeff L.1/11/2021

Had a great experience, appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness of the staff, especially that of Mark, with whom we engaged on a proposal for some work which we chose not to pursue. The quote was on the high end but it was clear that the premium would come with thoroughness... read more

Mary C.1/11/2021

I thought the team who helped me with my roof were professional and knowledgeable. Mark did the initial assessment and Matt was leader of the team who actually did the work. They are committed to following up with me to determine their work stops my leaks. Their quote was higher... read more

Dennis W.1/11/2021

GF Sprague did an excellent job replacing a damaged gutter. Bob Scribner was great in scoping out what had to be done. Robert Kierce of Sprague was thorough and professional in completing the project.

Ellen P.1/04/2021

Matt was a fabulous communicator and made a huge effort to prevent further leaking before the replacement could be done--had all the snow removed before warm temps were forecast and had entire leaking roof covered with a tarp to keep us dry prior to huge predicted rainstorm. He and... read more

Stephen J.1/01/2021

The experience just to get this company to provide a quote is mind boggling.I asked for someone to stop by and provide a quote on a full roof replacement. After receiving 5 calls to confirm my appointment (in a little over a week), 5 calls to confirm a 15 min... read more