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About GF Sprague Roofing Company Boston MA

About GF Sprague

Lots of folks want to know if there is a Mr. Sprague. Well, yes. Back in 1969 Jerry aka GF Sprague, our founder, at 19 left his family’s restoration company where he had trained and worked since he was 10. On his own, Jerry started out working from his sophomore Babson dorm room, sometimes fixing neighborhood homes and Babson buildings between classes. He learned his trade skills from the old masters, and that practice continues to be passed down through our mentoring program. We call it “Green to Gold” where we match up the Green young apprentices with our Gold masters. Take Paul who has been here for 30 years, and has helped train many generations of skilled craftsmen. Our success is also guided by our dedicated managers Jake, Steve, and Joey. What our customers expect is that our certified experts and craftsmen will deliver the right job the first time.

Our Philosophy

GF Sprague spends more time and resources caring for its existing customers who in turn refer us to their circle of friends rather than relying just on new ones. We still service many customers and their family decades later, some dating back to 1969.

That culture of “Serving Our Existing Customers First” starts now and continues years after the project has been completed. We honor you as a “Customer for Life” so regular warranty inspections are always Free.

Jerry still loves what he does, actively leading us today, going strong now for over 50 years with no plans to retire anytime soon. Is this the kind of company you’d trust with your home?

Our Standards

GF Sprague employees

GF Sprague began with residential homes, then moved towards institutional buildings such as houses of worship, libraries, colleges, town buildings, historic restoration projects and other public buildings. For over 50 years now, GF Sprague has provided residents and institutions with the highest quality craftsmanship and service offered in any industry. GF Sprague has consistently RE-EARNED the highest Trade-specific accreditation.

GF Sprague is distinguished in the industry by our commitment to deliver an alternative for customers who insist on qualified, accredited roofers. We always offer industry-standard specifications, trained and certified craftsmen, competitively priced options and real deal warranties. Delivering the right job at the right price, GF Sprague brings the experience and expertise required by professionals to your home while maintaining reasonable rates.

Our Founder

Jerry Sprague, President and CEO, founded GF Sprague in 1969, serving today as the company President and CEO. Jerry grew up in Braintree, MA and spent his teenage years apprenticing in all types of roofing, giving him the experience and knowledge necessary to build a successful roofing company. Jerry received a Bachelors in Business from Babson College and earned his Massachusetts General Contractors License before beginning GF Sprague. Today, Jerry continues to work towards upholding his company’s reputation and teaching others to be the best they can be. When he’s not working, Jerry is an avid skydiver and likes to help out his community by supporting local youth baseball teams.