GuildQuality GuildMaster

The GuildQuality Guildmaster Awards celebrate service excellence among home builders, remodelers, developers, property managers, home services contractors, and real estate professionals. The awards are open to all Guildmembers and GuildQuality will begin accepting applications in October. GuildQuality announces the award winners in April of the following year.


Best Picks Report Since 2019 Certified

The Best Picks Report compiles the best contractors and companies across several trades, as rated by their customers through independent surveys. We’re proud to say we’ve made it this year, so look for us on their site and if the publication comes to your doorstep!




EPA – Lead Safe Certified Firm

Having a Lead-Safe certification means that GF Sprague is licensed to handle lead, meaning we can help prevent any of the harm which lead can cause. Lead can be toxic to children and adults, so don’t you want to work with a company that knows how to handle such a dangerous element?