"Our team at G.F. Sprague installed a brand new cedar shake roof onto this gorgeous historic barn in Milton, Massachusetts! In this project, we installed cedar shingles after this asphalt roof was experiencing leaking. In addition to installing cedar shakes, we installed a copper ridge cap onto the peak of the roof. Copper ridge caps prevent algae and moss growth on the cedar shingles. Underneath the cedar shingles is a breather and ice and water shield to prevent moisture and water entry into the interior."

"Here are what our customers are saying about our company and the work we do! They are not only satisfied with the work but our team members as well! "

"The homeowner of this roof called in looking for a roof replacement. They had an asphalt shingle roof for over 15 years and just by looking, they knew it was time to replace it with a brand new asphalt shingle roof. We sent out our head salesman, Bob Scribner to take a look at the shingle roof. He inspected the shingles, gutters, siding, carpentry, and more. From what he saw, he carefully determined the optimal repairs necessary. Nothing more, nothing less. "

"Here we have an animated instruction on how to rebuild a chimney. It includes 5 steps on the process of rebuilding a chimney. Your certified expert will walk you through the installation and necessary steps to bring your chimney back to correct functioning. "

"For this project in Newton, GF Sprague performed a roof repair and some masonry work. In addition to roofing homes in Newton, GF Sprague also provides other services such as emergency storm damage repair. On this video the GF Sprague customer said: • "This project has been more successful than I could have ever dreamed of." • "This has been a great experience to work with Sprague." • "I am so pleased this (the project) has worked out as it has.""

Newton, MA

"For this particular customer, GF Sprague had to replace the roof due to storm damage. GF Sprague offers emergency storm damage repair services to all the towns in the Massachusetts Bay State area. Call us at 1-781-417-3894 if you have any storm damage issues with your home. On this video the GF Sprague customer said: • "I was very pleased with the service from day one." • "The price was right...the work was fantastic." • "I can't recommend Sprague enough.""

Bay State, MA

"Eric from Newton MA speaks with Bob Scribner, production manager, about the full roof system renovation done on his home. The job initially included replacing the whole roof, installing a ventilation system to prevent ice dams, and replacing the gutters. During the course of the project the customer wanted to make changes and was very pleased with not only the end result of the workmanship but how easy G.F Sprague made it."

Eric, Newton, MA

"GF Sprague customer Noah L. from Newton Massachusetts details his experience with the contracting company. After choosing GF Sprague for the job, Noah was very happy with the level of professionalism exuded by the company and has recommended us to his friends."

Noah L., Newton, MA

"Mrs. R from Newton MA speaks about her failed experience with another roofing contractor followed by her success as a customer of G.F Sprague Roofing. Three years ago Mrs. R had her roof fixed by a roofing contractor....or so she thought. When a problem with the roof arose her previous contractor was nowhere to be found. With an immediate need to address the issues, she sought out G.F. Sprague to solve the problem. Although it has taken multiple attempts to resolve the leaks, G.F. Sprague continues to stay on the job. G.F. Sprague has been around for over 40 years and continues to be there for our customers every day! "

Mrs. R, Newton, MA

"In the final part of this series, Steve Herget of GF Sprague shows off the finished product on a slate and copper valley roof replacement. The final is not only waterproof but just as pleasing to the eye! Should your roof be in need, give the slate and copper experts at GF Sprague a call 1-781-417-3894."

"In part 2 of this 3 part series, GF Sprague project manager Steve Herget demonstrates how to properly install a copper valley on a slate roof. Steve unveils key steps to ensure a successful slate & copper waterproof system."

"Project Manager Steve Herget goes through the preparation for installing a new copper valley on a beautiful slate roof. Additionally, he points out what caused the old roof system to fail. If your roof shows any of these warning signs give GF Sprague a call for your free slate and copper inspection."

"A coppersmith constructing a copper post."

"A coppersmith cleaning and preparing copper in-house."

"In this 3rd video, Bob Scribner with GF Sprague is back up on the steep pitched roof showing the viewer a close up of the finished project. For this project, the homeowner in Needham was experiencing severe ice dam build ups due to the pitch and shape of the roofs. GF Sprague, a roofing expert in Needham, was called in to provide a solution. The project managers for GF Sprague came up with a solution that involved using shingles, rubber, and copper roofing materials. "

"Here we fabricate decorative brackets for our clients."

"Here we fabricate decorative brackets for our clients."

"In this video Bob Scribner, the lead project manager for GF Sprague shows the viewer how GF Sprague approached and provided a solution for a very complex roofing issue. Due to the size, shape, and pitch of the roof on the Needham home, the homeowners were experiencing severe ice dams in the winter. In the video (this is part one of three), Bob talks about the issues GF Sprague faced in repairing this roof and installing a custom ice dam prevention system. "

"In this video, Bob Scribner takes you right up onto the homeowner's roof and shows you how GF Sprague balanced the aesthetics and performance needs of the project. "

"In this video, Bob Scribner with GF Sprague shows the viewer the truck fleet they employ to carry out all of GF Sprague's roofing, gutter, chimney, and replacement window projects. For all residents of Needham Ma., G.F. Sprague supplies an industry top 40 year workmanship guarantee for all of its work. This 40-yr. Guarantee is more than twice other roofing businesses supply in Needham Ma. G.F. Sprague can offer a 40-yr guarantee due to our considerable training, certifications, and expertise. We're one of a couple contractors who takes a DCAM License (#08-0165). We at G.F. Sprague supply all of our customers with a "5 Star" service. We should make certain to believe that your roofing job, and you, were treated as if you were getting 5 Star preferential treatment at a high end lodging facility."