Copper gutters and downspouts won’t ever rust or corrode. Instead, they weather naturally to a tawny brown patina. With other gutters, joints (at inside & outside corners) are sealed with special sealants that sometimes need to be renewed to prevent leaks. However, the joints in copper gutters are soldered together just like copper plumbing connections so you never need to worry about leaks.

Copper gutters and downspouts definitely make a statement about craftsmanship and quality. Instead of blending into the roof structure like seamless aluminum gutters, copper gutters stand out, showing off their supports and their lovely patina.

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If you’ve noticed a crumbling mortar around your chimney or in your gutters, your chimney needs an inspection. Contact GF Sprague for a complete chimney inspection to make sure there isn’t any water damage or areas where water can enter the roof as a result of a damaged chimney.

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Call G.F. Sprague Co. Inc. when you have a problem. We can fix it and we will help you negotiate with your insurance company by providing our expertise in determining the Massachusetts storm damage. We will make temporary storm damage repairs – quickly, and we will show the insurance company what was wrong and get your property back in shape with minimal delay and expert workmanship.

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Roofing solutions vary in price and depend on the judgment of the service provider that you’ve chosen, as well as the depth of work that needs to be performed. It really isn’t possible to get a “ballpark” estimate without having a certified expert actually come to your home. That way you get the project that truly fits your home’s exact needs.

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Some homeowners make the mistake of thinking they need to replace their entire roof when all they really need is to get a few repairs on their existing one. A qualified and honest roofer can tell the difference and will let you know if indeed it’s time to install a new roof. In these cases, the old roof may have suffered irrecoverable damage and have dry or brittle membranes, curled or broken shingles, and discolored tiles. It’s best to get a new roofing system if any of these issues occur because it’ll save you from the hassle of trying to fix what essentially can no longer be repaired.

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Chimney caps are protective coverings that go over the top of your chimney. They are usually made of steel or copper mesh and come in a variety of styles to match the outside of your home. On top of the mesh ring, is a cap that helps protect your chimney from rain and downdrafts.

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After choosing a contractor and going forward with the installation, you will be provided with various options for the materials used. This could be the option between aluminum or copper gutters or asphalt shingles or slates. Your certified expert will advise you on the best option for your specific roof.

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