The Right Shingles For Roofing Newton Homes: Know What To Look For

Roofing shingles have long had a reputation for being a relatively inexpensive way to protect your home and give it an updated appearance. In recent years, some manufacturers of shingles have cut corners on the quality of their materials or the value of their warranty in order to keep costs low. If you’ll be working with roofing contractors in the near future, be sure you’re armed with information that allows you to choose the best materials for your new roofing in Newton.

Make Sure They Have A Good Warranty

No matter how good the materials are, if your roofing contractors are using shingles that don’t carry a good warranty, you aren’t protected against potential problems with product defects. Since every brand uses a slightly different formula to create their Newton roofing materials, you should always make sure a good warranty is in place. In most cases, the best warranty will be the one found on the best components. At GF Sprague, we offer shingles for roofing Newton homes that carry some of the best warranties in the business and we back up our own workmanship with our famous, 40-year workmanship warranty.

The Ideal Roofing In Newton To Cover Your House With Style

We carry a wide range of roofing materials so that every one of our customers has the opportunity to choose a style and material that will truly reflect their style while protecting their home from the elements. We can also help our customers select roofing in Newton that will work well with their home’s style. Ideally, you want to choose shingles that enhance your home without overpowering or detracting from other architectural features. Traditional shingles make a lovely roof for a Colonial house, slate tiles are the perfect foil for the elaborate trimming on a Victorian home, and your cabin in the woods will look terrific after our roofing contractors in Newton install cedar wood shakes. We can also show you photographs of various styles of roofing Newton homeowners have had installed by our roofing contractors in Newton to give you some idea of how each finished job will look.

Adding A New Dimension To Roofing In Newton

One of the most recent developments in materials for roofing in Newton has been the popularity of dimensional shingles. These feature layering, staggered widths and other characteristics that add dimension and depth to the roofing. Newton homeowners are increasingly opting for dimensional shingles rather than the more traditional three tab shingles that have been popular for many years. Because they are so popular, dimensional shingles are available in an impressive palette of colors and blends of color. Some of them even look remarkably like organic materials such as slate or wood. Many roofing companies in Newton suggest these durable, affordable shingles as an attractive alternative to slate tiles or wood shakes.

Take Your Time

It’s never easy to choose the right shingles for new roofing in Newton. The choices are varied and the quality may vary as well. That’s why GF Sprague understands that the kind of shingles you choose this week will be protecting your home for decades to come, so we won’t rush you like some roofing companies in Newton might. Go home. Sleep on it. Get back to us with any questions you have and make sure you understand everything there is to know about the materials used in making products for roofing in Newton.

Then give us a call to schedule an appointment for a free, no-obligation quote. You’ll soon be enjoying beautifully installed roofing backed by our exceptional workmanship warranty so that you can enjoy your roofing in Newton without worrying about its performance. We’ll have you covered!