Featured Project


This homeowner called in due to a problem section of their roof which experienced continued leaks over the past several years. Other companies had recommended a full roof replacement, but the homeowners did not think that was quite necessary as only one section of the roof was experiencing the issues. The homeowner decided to get another opinion on the project and gave GF Sprague a call.

Our certified expert went out on his scheduled appointment, got out his ladder, and took the time to get up on the roof and perform a full inspection. We were able to determine that this section of the roof was in need of repair, but other sections of the roof were still in great shape. A poor application of ice & water shield was partially to blame, along with some damage from past ice dams.


Our solution to this problem got away from the full roof replacement, and instead focused on a more targeted roof repair. A lot of companies will simply pull a satellite image of your roof and use it to give you a quote for a full roof replacement, regardless of the actual issues. They do this because it is a lot easier for them to simply quote the whole project at a glance. Our certified experts are trained to do the opposite, to take a look at what you want done and what needs to be done as well. In a lot of cases, just like this one in Brookline, a roof repair is more than enough to solve the problem! We like to tell our customers this is the reason to call early, as in a lot of cases we can keep a small problem from becoming a big headache by repairing when we can and offering the full roof replacement only when it’s the best option.


Shingle Roof Repair Project in Brookline, MA