Featured Project


This project started when one of our Certified Experts found a leak caused by a faulty valley. A valley on a roof will hold snow and ice in the winter and presents a serious risk to the home below when it fails. As ice backed up in the valley it was melted by the heat of the house beneath, the resulting water then slipping beneath the slates and soaked the felt underlayment.


The first step we took to prevent any further damage to the home was to remove the deteriorated copper and the felt underlayment beneath it. When the roof was constructed felt was the industry standard for underlayment, however, as technology advances, so do the methods. After we removed the felt we replaced it with Grace Ice & Water Shield. The Ice and Water will prevent any ice that gets underneath the slates and valley from causing any damage to the home beneath. The new underlayment, complemented by a new custom made copper valley resulted in an awesome 1-2 punch that will protect this for many winters to come.

Underlayment and Why it's Important