Before & After


Copper Chimney Flashing in Needham, MA

We received a call from a worried customer explaining that there were leaks coming from his ceiling near his chimney. It had just started after a recent storm and he questioned if there could be something wrong with his roof. He thought maybe a shingle had fallen off or his gutters were jammed. We said that we will send in one of our certified experts to find the source! When we arrived, we analyzed every nook and crevice of the home and roof. When we reached the chimney, we saw that the lead flashing was torn up. Looking a little more close, we saw bite marks! The lead flashing had become the meal of the day for a local squirrel. Lead has been known to be a tasty and attractive metal to critters. We told the customer that the best option would be to completely remove the lead flashings and replace is with a metal that critters despise: copper. Not only was it critter-repellent, but it looks beautiful! Copper is one of the finest metals and have a long history in New England for it's aesthetics and durability. The squirrel was sad, but the customer was happy! And that's all we care about!