Working on a Longtime Customer’s Skylight

Since 2005, we have worked on this family’s roof in Natick, MA. Whether it’s issues with Ice Dams or rotting fascia boards, we have always answered their phone call for help. With an asphalt roof installed in 2001 and skylights installed over 30 years ago, they called in looking to replace the skylights with brand new ones!

As a result, we determined that the best option available would be to replace two of their existing skylights and re-flash two others that didn’t need replacing. After installing the new skylights, we flashing them accordingly and re-shingle surrounding roofing material.

Upon review, our customers were extremely pleased with the work that was done!

“We have always been very pleased with the superb craftsmanship and attention to detail in completing the job. They have corrected many of our roofing issues and gone the extra mile to take care of any other items while on the roof.” -Customer in Natick, MA