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The Guildmaster Award and why it’s important

GF Sprague is proud to announce that we have received the GuildQuallity Guildmaster award for 2019. But why is the Guildmaster award important? QuildQuality is a third-party survey service that provides contractors with unedited and honest feedback from their customers. GuildQuality surveys all customers thoroughly on multiple areas, including important factors like communication, quality of work, and likeliness to recommend.

What makes the Guildmaster award different from any other award is that recipients must hit two key criteria. The first is a high enough response rate and the second is hitting a high enough benchmark across all survey categories. These measures ensure that contractors can not cherry-pick customers or only send out surveys until they have reached the desired rating.

Once qualified there is a 60-day waiting period during which all customers are encouraged to come forward with any complaints or shortcomings they experienced during their service, ensuring to an even greater degree that the results are accurate. It’s this second stage that sets the Guildmaster award apart from others. For more information on the GuildMaster Award and to see other companies recognized this year go to

GF Sprague is extremely grateful to our customers for making this award possible; your feedback is instrumental in growing this company. Check out our Guildquality page at