Winter Roof Work: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Winter Roof Work in Greater Boston

Do Roofers Work In The Winter?

Yes! Ice and snow don’t stop roofers from winter roof work! Compared to the summer, where roof temperatures can reach close to 120 degrees, winter roof work conditions are actually preferred by roofers! Throughout the winter we install asphalt roofs, make roof repairs, fix ice dams, conduct emergency services, and more! Like most roofing contractors, we don’t close down in the winter just because of snow. One would be surprised by how much winter roof work is done among roofing contractors.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement during winter roof work.
Our team protecting the shrubbery while replacing the asphalt shingle roof.


1. Fixes The Problem Immediately

It doesn’t matter if the damage is large or small, if there are any issues with your roof during the winter season, it is extremely important that you get it repaired as soon as possible! Neglected damage, even if it is minor, can expand and multiply leading to catastrophe. Winter roof work is

2. Lowers Heat BillA craftsman doing winter roof work.

Heating bills can take a toll on your wallet. You’re only increasing the price by letting warm air escape through cracks and holes in your roof!

3. Better Storm Defense

An old, damaged, and/or outdated roof will not win a fight against the next winter storm! Installing a new roof during the winter season will keep your home and family safe from leaks and/or water damage.

4. Favorable Pricing

The best time to buy from a contractor is when things are slow. Plus, both materials, labor and insurance increases occur early spring before the season begins. Buy it now and take advantage of favorable pre-spring pricing. See your GF Sprague rep for details.


1. Shingles Take Longer to Seal

Asphalt shingles require a certain temperature for their sealant to fully adhere to the roof. Colder temperatures can make the process more time-consuming than a job done in the summer. Our certified experts install to industry and manufacturer standards, delivering you a high performing roof, without compromise!

2. Harder To Schedule

Our craftsmen doing winter roof work.

With the winter season comes holidays, winter vacations, activities, and a season that seems just a little more “busy.” Scheduling time for roof work during the winter could add another item to your “to-do” list. Fortunately. roofing tends to slow down in the winter for most contractors which means favorable scheduling. Get a new roof faster!

3. Bearing The Cold

Ice and snow create hazardous conditions for roofers. The craftsmen at GF Sprague are carefully trained to maneuver in dangerous situations. Our Whoever Warranty is your assurance no matter the month, season, or weather the job will always be done right. Period.