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Mystic River Rugby

“Our business has long been active in the youth athletic realm and what better team to support than Mystic River Youth Rugby, a wonderful club that played a major role in my own personal development”, said Jake Sprague, Vice President at G.F. Sprague. “Giving back to the community and supporting organizations providing up-and-coming generations’ character building opportunities is at the heart of our company.”

Mystic River Rugby was founded in 1974 and is the top team in both Division I and II in the Boston market. Throughout the course of its existence, Mystic River Rugby has held a high profile everywhere from the local to the international community. Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the US and will continue to be following the sport’s return to the Summer Olympics in 2016. The Collegiate XV program is designed to accelerate this growth in the Boston area and give young athletes an avenue to pursue their Olympic goals.

GF Sprague shares many of the same values which this growing sport instills in young athletes, from the value of hard work to the dedication of doing things the right way every time.  With our own Jake Sprague benefitting from the values this club teaches, our company is thrilled to be able to support them in their collegiate tour.