How Do You Choose the Right Contractor?

1. State Trade Certification (Not just a meaningless registration or license)

2. Vetted Craftsmen (Background checks avoid dangerous felons on your job)

3. Trained Craftsmen (Specialized training to execute each trade)

4. Custom Fabrication (Critical metal components designed to fit your needs)

5. SmartRoofs (The only one that is designed specifically to protect your property against our brutal New England weather)

6. A Valuable Warranty with Inspections (40 years of inspected protection)

7. Undivided Responsibility (Multiple trades, one company)

8. Timely Communication (You’ll always be in the know every step of the way)

9. Scheduling (You’ll get our best good faith start and finish dates)

10. Lowest Price Assurance (You’ll always get the best price, Promise)