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This homeowner was experiencing constant leaks in their slate roof, and had previously had other contractors take a look and be unable to fix the problem. While most of the was still in good condition, but the main problem area was where two sections of the roof met to form a valley. This was the area where water was leaking into the roof, as the slates were not installed properly and let water leak in underneath.


Every member of our crew is skilled and experienced when it comes to working on your slate roof. They know how to cut slates to the exact size needed to fit seamlessly into the roof, and they know how to install them so they’re watertight too. To handle slates in a valley like this, the first step is creating a strong barrier against water by using ice & water shield. By covering the valley with this protective layer, it keeps water out of the roof and creates a strong foundation to replace the slates on. After this layer is installed, our crew can cut the slates to perfect size to fit the roof and the valley specifically.

Slate Valley Repair