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This homeowner called us experiencing significant leaks in their slate roof. Upon our certified expert’s inspection, we realized that these issues could have been easily prevented with regular repair and maintenance. A slate roof is different from any other type, as it is built to last much longer. While a shingle roof may last for 25 years, a slate roof can last for 100. The key is proper maintenance to prevent small headaches from becoming big problems. Even though this slate roof had sustained significant damage, our expert craftsmen are more than capable at fixing the issue.


The first step to solving this issue is removing the damaged slates so ice and water shield can be properly installed. This will prevent any water from leaking into the roof once the repairs have been completed. The next step is replacing the slates, not just in the damaged area but the slates around it too to ensure that there are no spaces for future leaks to occur. Another section of the roof required a different type of fix. This section of the roof couldn’t be repaired simply by replacing the slates. Our craftsman installed a copper wash instead, as this was the best way to allow water to run off the roof rather than into it. While we were able to save this slate roof, the key to preventing your roof from getting to that point is proper care and maintenance, with regular inspections to prevent those small problems from growing. Make sure you call the contractor who not only knows how to work on a slate roof, but has years of experience too!

Slate & Copper Repair