Featured Project


This homeowner called us to come inspect a few rubber roofs on their home. There was some damage to these roofs, but the homeowner also wanted to begin restoring his home, so this project was as much about functionality as it was the aesthetic value of the roof. Keeping this in mind, our expert was able to come up with the perfect solution.


Replacing the flat rubber roofs with copper was the way to go with this project. Our crew members have done this type of project countless times, so they know exactly how to handle it. The copper foor was the way to go for two reasons. The first is that copper is a great solution to replace a flat roof, as it can easily keep the roof watertight and fits the shape of the roof very well. The other reason is because the copper looks great as well. While a flat roof works great from a functional standpoint, it is not always the nicest to look at. Copper fixes this issue, as it definitely works well and the new shiny copper looks fantastic as well.

New Copper Roof