Featured Project


The original builder of this home in Weston, MA put wood shingles on a low slope roof which had caused problems since day one. Leaking was one of the top issues. Because wood shingles are water-shedding, not waterproof, with a low slope roof the water was able to infiltrate the home through the cracks in between each shingle. On sloped roofs like this, we recommend rubber or copper.


To solve the issue of the wood sloped roof, we replaced the wood shingles with a brand new copper panel roof. Copper panels are high-grade and have a strong return on investment. They can last up to 100 years and protect the inside of your home from heavy amounts of rainwater.

In addition to installing a copper panel roof, we installed a fully sautered copper chimney crown as the portland cement crown was failing. Designed to the homeowner’s liking, this carefully crafted copper chimney crown is aesthetically pleasing and structurally superior to cement or aluminum.

Copper Panels in Weston, MA