Falling Snow From Slate and Metal Roofs

Preventing Falling Snow

Falling snow or frozen precipitation can be dangerous to people and objects surrounding your home. Certain types of shingles on roofs naturally hold onto snow and ice better, but there are other types that need additional support to prevent avalanching snow.

For instance, asphalt shingles have a gritty texture that snow easily “sticks” to whereas slate and metal have a smoothness that causes snow and ice to more likely fall off.

The benefit to slate and metal roofs includes an increased avoidance of ice dams and snow build-up, but the downside is the chance of snow falling onto your cars and bushes or even your pets and family!

Importance of Ice Rails

In order to avoid any dangerous situation involving falling ice and snow, we here at G.F. Sprague install ice rails! Ice rails are installed onto your roof and run parallel to the edge and peak.

Instead of letting snow and ice build-up into a snow avalanche, creating hazardous conditions, ice rails provide added friction and allow snow and ice to evacuate in a controlled fashion. This prevents any potential injuries to living beings and damage to surrounding objects.

Should I Get Ice Rails?

If you have a slate or metal roof and live in an area that receives heavy snowfall during the winter, ice rails might be a good option to invest in. In addition, if you have any plants or bushes surrounding the exterior of your home, ice rails would help to protect your plants from large avalanches of snow potentially killing them.

If you’re interested in replacing your roof or adding ice rails, give us a call at G.F. Sprague to learn more and book an appointment with one of our certified experts!