7 Items in Your House That Should Always Be Deep-Cleaned

7 Items in Your House That Should Always Be Deep-Cleaned

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the items in your house that need to not only be cleaned, but deep-cleaned! Here’s a list to consider:

1. Blinds

If you don’t dust your blinds regularly, they’ll be much harder to clean. For metal or vinyl blinds, wipe each slat with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and dish soap. If you have vertical blinds, remove slats and lay them flat before wiping.

2. Kitchen cabinets

A simple mix of dish soap and water will cut grime on most exterior cabinet surfaces. Don’t forget the inside of the cabinets under your kitchen sink as this is where most kitchen odors originate.

3. Washing machine

Spray the rubber gasket on the front of the machine with white vinegar and wipe with a damp cloth, then pour two cups of white vinegar into the detergent dispenser and run the machine on its hottest temperature and highest setting. Add a half-cup of baking soda to the drum and run a second cycle at the same level and temperature, then wipe the machine inside and out to dry.

4. Dishwasher

Use a toothpick to clean the spinning arm at the bottom of your machine and remove and soak your filter in warm soapy water. Then pour a cup of white vinegar into a container on the top shelf and run your machine on the hottest setting.

5. Refrigerator and freezer

Take inventory of your fridge and freezer and discard expired items. Remove all drawers and shelves and soak them in warm soapy water. Wipe down the interior and exterior surfaces with two tablespoons of baking soda mixed with hot water. Vacuum the refrigerator coil and grill.

6. Oven

With your self-cleaning over, you can just set it and forget it, but don’t neglect the oven racks. Place them in a tub of soapy water for 30 minutes and then clean with a steel-bristle brush.

7. Mattress and bedding

Vacuum your mattress and lay it on its side to air out for 12 to 24 hours before changing your sheets. Launder your pillows on the hottest setting available.