Wellesley Roofing Contractor Guide

How to Choose a Wellesley Roofing Contractor

Wellesley, Massachusetts, is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the country. The classic colonial and modern architectural styles accentuate the history of this town. Colleges like Babson and Wellesley College perfectly accent the rich beauty of brick buildings with slate roofing. Owning a home in Wellesley is a wonderful privilege, so ensuring your investment is properly cared for is essential. That means using a reputable Wellesley roofing contractor for your home is necessary. Some of the most important steps in selecting a roofing contractor involve doing a little research. One of the most important factors is to look at what their customers have said themselves. You can find past customer reviews on Google, GuildQuality, and Facebook

Wellesley roofing contractors offer inspections and provide quotes based on the work you need. A reputable roofing contractor will do a proper inspection of your entire roofing system to ensure that they don’t miss any spots which could be an issue. When you’ve properly researched the roofing contractor, you can decide to move forward with an inspection and quote. To save yourself a headache, make sure to go with a reliable and well-regarded Wellesley roofing contractor. One-man contractors are unreliable and do not offer financing or warranties. A proper roofing contractor in Wellesley, MA will offer warranty inspections to guarantee that their product continues to protect their customer’s home’s from the elements. This ensures you only have to do your project once. Here are the top factors a Wellsley homeowner should consider when selecting a roofing contractor. 

WELLESLEY ROOFING CONTRACTOR BUSINESS REPUTATION:Wellesley roofing contractor business reputation.

  • Looking at a Wellesley roofing contractor’s reviews on various websites is one of the most critical steps in your process of selecting a roofing contractor. You will be able to find reviews from neighbors, locals, and residents from neighboring towns. The reviews for a Wellesley roofing contractor can be found on any of their business profiles, but more predominantly, GuildQuality, BBB, Google Business, and Facebook. Based on prior customer reviews, you can get a feeling for a roofing contractor’s reputation and how the complete installation will go.


  • Wellesley homeowners who need a roof replacement or roof repair will be best suited with a roofing contractor available within the next few weeks. For homeowners who have an urgent roofing matter, they will find roofing contractors in Wellesley that offer emergency services. 
  • If the roof replacement or roof repair is non-urgent, most Wellesley roofing companies can fit you into their schedule. But it is important to call as soon as possible because their slots fill up rather quickly. If you are planning a large project, such as a slate roof replacement, then calling ahead is essential. Scheduling a project based on weather is also important because availability differs depending on the season. Despite the snow, winter can often be a perfect time for a roof replacement as most roofing contractors in Wellesley have more availability, and conditions are more bearable for roofers. 


Wellesley roofing contractor customization options
Customer picking out brand new asphalt shingle color.
  • Choosing a roofing contractor with many customization options for your home will ensure that you are getting the product you are looking for. Whether your roof is slate, asphalt, tile, and/or wood, a reputable roofing contractor in Wellesley will have those options to match your desired look. As your local Wellesley roofing company, we can also help our customers select roofing materials in Wellesley that work well with their home’s style and neighborhood’s style. We’re not going to put the same roof on your home that we next door or down the street, it will be custom designed to suit your needs. Ideally, you want to select shingles that flatter your home without overwhelming or detracting from other architectural features. Traditional shingles create a beautiful roof for a Colonial house, slate tiles are ideal for the extensive trimming of a Victorian home, and Spanish tiles will flatter your Mediterranean home. We can also show you photographs of several styles of roofing Wellesley homeowners have had installed by our roofing contractors in Wellesley to give you some idea of how each complete job will look.


Wellesley home we worked on.

  • In Wellesley, Massachusetts, you will see many different roof varieties. Asphalt shingle, Spanish tile, slate, copper, wood shingle, and more line the roofs of homes across Wellesley. Whether you’re in Wellesley Hills, Wellesley Center, or a historic district, your roofing needs will depend on your neighborhood’s architectural style or home’s historical nature. If you are looking to match your roof’s style to your neighborhood, it is important to choose a Wellesley roofing contractor whooffers services in that type of roofing. Keep in mind matching your neighborhood’s style won’t just give your home a great aesthetic, but that type of roof was chosen for a reason in the first place.


Our Forever, Whoever Warranty.
  • No matter how solid the materials are, if your roofing contractors utilize shingles that don’t offer a reliable warranty, you aren’t protected against potential difficulties with product flaws. Since every brand uses a somewhat different method to produce their Wellesley roofing materials, you should always ensure a good warranty is in place. In most cases, the safest warranty will be the one found on the best components. At GF Sprague, we offer shingles for roofing Wellesley homes that carry some of the best warranties in the business, and we back up our own workmanship with our famous, Forever Whoever Warranty.


  • Our warranty includes regular warranty inspections to check in on the roofing system to ensure it is structurally sound and that nothing needs maintenance. In an emergency, being a part of our warranty provides you 24-hour emergency services. No matter the weather or condition, we will be out there to make sure you can sleep sound at night without worrying about your home or family. 


Wellesley roofing contractor using trusted brands.
Some of the local products we use for installation.
  • The products applied are just as essential as the craftsmanship. That’s why, as a Wellesley roofing contractor, we utilize local and the most reputable brands in the industry. Unlike other Wellesley roofing contractors, we don’t use box store brands found at a local Home Depot. Instead, we order from respectable manufacturers of asphalt shingles, slate, copper, and more. Ensuring that the product is properly manufactured and properly installed is vital in creating a roofing system that withstands the elements.