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Replacement Windows Green Expo Window Giveaway Part 1

Part-1: G.F. Sprague (, replacement window specialists in window replacement located in Needham Ma.,have recently announced the winners of the first annual Green Expo replacement window giveaway. In the video Mark congratulates Mike (the homeowner) on winning the raffle for the Great Lakes replacement windows. In the video Mike explains why he chose the specific location on his home for the installation these high performance windows; "In our location we have a lot of cold air in the winter, a lot of street noise, and afternoon sun." Great Lakes Windows offer a number of benefits over other popular window brands. Each window is fusion welded to ensure properly sealed corners and overall longevity, backed by a no questions asked guarantee. The windows are all vinyl clad, offering improved insolation and scratch resistance over traditional aluminum frames. Great Lakes Windows also offer UV blocking and are available in a number of styles including etched glass. Green Solutions Expo, sponsored by the Needham-Newton Chamber of Commerce. "Green building isn't a trend. It's a fact of life. All of today's remodeling is done with a focus on reducing the home's carbon footprint. People aren't replacing windows or roofs with less efficient varieties; it is always a decision to selecting products that help make the home more efficient. Solaris shingles do that by reflecting sun off the roof of the house, which reduces the amount of heat that enters the attic. This keeps the house cooler naturally, cutting down on air conditioning costs and frequency of use," explained Jerry Sprague, Owner of G.F. Sprague ( "Homeowners can see as much as a 20% decrease in the roof temperature with Solaris shingles. What's unique about Solaris shingles is that they come in all the usual roofing colors. Usually, when we think reflective, we think white, but that's not the case at all with the Solaris line," noted Sprague. G.F. Sprague provides full home improvement, roofing, gutter, chimney, and replacement window services throughout Massachusetts.