Meet the team

Hometown: Braintree, MA

Gerald “Jerry’ Sprague, the founder/CEO of GFSprague an exterior restoration company has spent his life balancing business, family, travel and sport.

Growing up in a Roofing family, Jerry started his apprenticeship at the age of 10, learning from his Dad’s talented Tin Knockers in the sheet metal shop after school. Any days off from school were spent working on roofs.

”Dad taught us to always do the right thing, keep your word, take pride in your work even if nobody looks and take care of your customers no matter what.”

Those principals have guided him in all his ventures and his adventures.

As a Babson sophomore, back in 69’ Jerry set out on his own, restoring roofs, gutters, windows and intricate metalwork on campus buildings, local businesses and homes while carrying a full curriculum.

After graduating, he decided to turn down a good-paying job to be a full-time business owner. In the fall of 72’ after his graduation, he took a night course at Babson called “Entrepreneurship”the very first, taught by Howard Anderson of the Yankee Group. Ironically that was the one class that helped him the most in his fledgling business.

Along the way, Jerry has mentored scores of craftsmen and designers training each to make good on what he’d learned growing up. If it wasn’t right he’d work with them till it was. In so doing, they were either committed to excellence or they’d have to find their happiness elsewhere.

This not surprisingly has created many customers for life. Out of that evolved a “Gold to Green” culture where the most talented craftsmen are incentivized to pass those skill sets to the Gen X’ers and now to the Millennials.

Over the decades, GF Sprague has restored many local and national landmarks, public and private institutions as well as private homes.

What makes GF Sprague unique has been their success in both the highly regulated institutional/public market where a contractor must be state-certified per trade, roofing for example and the Underregulated ‘Wild West” residential market, no trade requirements where virtually no oversight has lead to an epidemic of substandard work even on new structures.

His design experts are trained to help homeowners understand the value in properly funding their project to “Get It Right” the first time.