Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation

Ridge Vents & Roof Ventilation in Newton, Needham, Wellesley

Ridge ventilation on a slate roof.

We install soffit, gable & ridge vents for effective attic ventilation

Roof ventilation is a very important part of house roofing. Without proper roofing ventilation, it could lead to the breaking down of ice dams, and vents could malfunction and could result to early damage of roof ventilation. And when roof vents are not in good condition, it would soon lead to deterioration of the house itself and the house structure.

The importance of roof ventilation

When you have adequate roof ventilation, your roof will last longer and could reach its years of warranty or even more. If you have insubstantial ventilation, your roof’s life expectancy will be shorter because the heat in the attic can be the cause of early deterioration.

When the heat escapes from the structure, it will melt the snow even if the temperature outside is freezing. And when it does, it creates ice dams and the snow which was already melted would pass through the roof and would refreeze causing the water at the roof to get obstructed by ice dams. It will then build up and gets to the roofing shingles which causes leaks inside the house.

Soil pipe ridge vent on asphalt shingle roof.
Asphalt shingle roof replacement, with a ridge vent installation.

Types of roof vents

Ridge vents

Installed along the roof peak, ridge vents are probably the most important vents in any “passive” (non-electric) roof ventilation system. Hot air that accumulates inside the attic rises by convection and escapes outside through ridge vents.

As hot air escapes, fresh outside air is drawn into the attic through soffit vents (see below).

On an asphalt shingle roof, ridge vents are usually covered by a layer of shingles. The warmest air in the attic rises naturally to the roof peak and escapes outside through the ridge vents.

Soffit vents

Air Vent, Inc. Ridge Vents

Air Vent Inc. Specializes in the production of roof ventilation systems, to provide optimum air intake for homes with minimal to no overhang. They don’t only specialize in ventilation systems, but high quality solar attic fans as well as skylight tubes.

Air Vent Inc.’s Ridge Ventilation System

Make your attic and roof more efficient with Air Vent Inc!

  • Benefits of Ridge Vents:
  • Improved airflow lowers damaging conditions in attics
  • Removes moisture, eliminating mold sources
  • Reduces heat conditions, improving utility costs
  • Increases the life of the roof, by preventing damage
  • Doesn’t interfere with warranties, but will validate most shingle warranty’s through manufacturers