Roofing In Boston: GF Sprague Offers A Variety Of Materials

Some roofing contractors in Boston specialize in particular kinds of roofing such as metal or slate, but at GF Sprague, we know that every home has different roofing requirements, so we’ve taken the time to learn everything there is to know about a wide range of materials so that our roofing contractors in Boston can install every kind of material from shingles to metal flawlessly. If you aren’t sure what kind of roof you want, our guide to roofing materials can help.

Shingles Remain Popular

Asphalt shingles have been the favorite material for roofing companies in Boston for years because they are relatively easy to install, are extremely durable, and are affordable enough for almost any budget. You can now find shingles that look just like slate or tile so that you get a luxurious look at a reasonable price. Shingles do not, however, last as long as some other materials used for roofing in Boston, such as metal.

The Rich Appeal Of Slate

For nearly a hundred years, the finest houses were built with slate roofing in Boston because it was beautiful and fire-resistant. Slate remains popular for upscale homes due to its rich texture, and it can even reduce homeowners’ insurance rates in some states where fire is a frequent problem. Slate can last for decades when our roofing contractors do the job, but be aware that there is some maintenance involved for a long roof life.


Metal Roofing On Boston Homes: Copper Shines


There is no other metallic roofing option that has the wonderful sheen and color of copper. Many roofing companies offer a pale imitation of the real thing, but GF Sprague has been installing genuine copper roofing in Boston for years. Copper isn’t an easy metal to work with, so every one of our roofing contractors in Boston go through stringent training so that they can do the job properly every time. Because it is metal, copper can last for fifty years or more with minimal upkeep.

Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are thicker than shingles and show off the rich grain of the wood nicely. Because wood is organic, it’s seeing a resurgence of interest from roofing contractors in Boston and the surrounding area. While wood shakes may be better for the environment, they are more prone to mildew and wood rot, so be aware of its limitations before asking roofing companies to install it on your home if you won’t have time to periodically do some maintenance.

GF Sprague Can Help You Maintain Your Choice

At GF Sprague, we’re proud of our reputation as one of the finest roofing companies in Boston. We’ve been installing, inspecting and maintaining shingles, copper, slate and wood shake roofing for over four decades. After we’ve installed your new roof, we’ll be happy to schedule a yearly inspection so that any problems are caught and corrected early so that they don’t turn into big problems. Call us today or visit our photo gallery to see just how beautiful new roofing can be!