Roofing Contractors In Brookline Reveal What To Look For In A Roofing Quote

Roofing companies in Brooklineknow that one of the most important investments homeowners can make is the purchase and installation of new roofing. Brookline homeowners know that it shields you from the elements, makes your home more comfortable and is the first line of protection for all of your personal property. Done right, your roof can last for decades but an inferior job can result in damage that can run into the thousands of dollars. It should be no surprise that contractors stress the importance of getting more than one quote and comparing roofing companies in Brookline side-by-side before making a choice. To make sure that you’re getting accurate estimates, look for the elements outlined below.

Hourly Rates And Time Estimates For Roofing In Brookline

There are plenty of ways to outline how many hours will go into installing a new roof, but not all quotes express this clearly. If an estimate says “four days,” ask how many hours are in each of those days. Ask what the hourly rate is for each of those days so that you get a clear idea of how much the total labor costs will be. Also ask roofing contractors in Brookline whether they will be subcontracting any of the work at a different rate. Roofing companies in Brookline who use their own staff will generally give you a better result than contractors who turn to temporary workers. If you are paying a premium price to have your roofing installed, you don’t want a minimum wage, hourly laborer doing the job. Keep in mind that not all Brookline roofing projects will cost the same amount even in the same neighborhood. If your roof is steeper than normal or it has a lot of different angles, it will cost more.

Detailed List Of Materials

Shingles, shakes, slate tiles and metal roofing all fall at different points along the price line and even within each material there can be vast price differences because of the varying quality of specific materials. In order to fairly compare costs, make sure each roofing quote includes a detailed list of materials that indicates the name brand of each item as well as its size, weight, etc. You may find that there is a considerable difference between one estimate and another; if so, ask roofing contractors in Brookline to explain why they’ve chosen the materials in their bid. One indication of high quality materials is the product warranty. In most cases, a longer warranty translates to longer roof life.

Make sure that every quote itemizes not only the individual components, such as shingles, nails and decking, but also includes the specific price for each component. If there is only a total cost for all materials, go back and ask the roofing companies to break out the cost of each item so that you can ensure that no one is padding the cost of materials.

Disposal And Cleaning Up The Job Site

All reputable roofing contractors in Brookline clean up each job site before they consider the job done. Check each estimate to see if they account for time spent clearing your yard and property of debris, old materials and empty packaging. Some include this work on every job, but don’t itemize it on a quote because it is the cost of doing business. If so, ask them to include clean up and disposal as a line item without a price so that you can refer to their quote if they leave your home or yard a mess.

Once you’ve taken the time to get several estimates, review them side-by-side so that you can compare them fairly and come to a decision about which roofing contractors in Brookline will do the best job for your family and home.