Press Release

GF Sprague is proud to announce its continued partnership with Newton Southeast Little League for the 2017 season

GF Sprague has committed to donating to Newton Southeast Little League for the 2017 season, continuing a tradition which began well over a decade ago.  The partnership will help support all of the children involved in the program, allowing them to benefit from everything it provides.

Newton Southeast Little League provides kids with a place where they can have fun with baseball and learn the skills, rules, and strategies of the game.

The league also acts as a model to teach competitiveness with an emphasis on good sportsmanship and promotes increased self-esteem among both the children and the coaches. This organization provides kids with not only an avenue to have fun, but to learn many of the things that will help them in life.

GF Sprague has been a local company since 1969, and this is a point which the company takes pride in. We like to think of ourselves as not just being in the neighborhood, but being a part of the community. Partnering with Newton Southeast Little League is one of the many ways that we show this.