Our Community Involvement: 2019 Update

Back in 1976, a few of my skydiving buddies and I formed a skydive exhibition team. Sponsors would pay us for the jump, and from the start we decided to donate all of the profits to worthy causes. It was our way of showing gratitude for all the fun we were having jumping into football stadiums and baseball fields, in air shows, parades and golf tournaments, and during 4th of July fireworks. You’d call, we’d fall! We even hold the record for the longest-running skydive Demo with Santa and his Elves, landing in Quincy’s Merrymount Park for the past 43 years.

As a team, we decided that the money we raised should go to child-focused charities and over time The Home For Little Wanderers became a mainstay of our charitable action. Our philosophy was to make as big of an impact on a worthy cause as we could. Before long I decided to underwrite the costs of these jumps through G.F. Sprague and donate the full proceeds to charity.

These jumps became so successful that in 2017, we decided to significantly grow our commitment and the number of charities we support to reflect our desire to help kids both near and far. In order to facilitate this, we made sizable contributions to UNICEF and Save the Children. In 2018, we added The Boston Children’s Hospital, The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and an NGO working with kids in Haiti.

With the help of folks like you, G.F. Sprague donated almost $60,000 last year! In 2019, we want to be able to help as many kids as we can both inside our community and outside it. As G.F. Sprague grows as a company, we want to make sure our impact beyond the projects we install grows too. Every project we complete this year will help us do just that!

Over the past 43 years we have done more jumps than we can count, all the proceeds going to charity. But the jumps were just start of G.F. Sprague’s charitable works, we now donate 1% of all our revenue and we are constantly looking for new ways to impact the community.