Lead-Coated Copper Gutters vs. Freedom Gray

Lead-Coated vs. Freedom Gray

More and more we are hearing from customers about choosing an eco-friendlier material for their gutters. Historically, roofing companies have installed copper gutters, lead-coated copper gutters, wood gutters, aluminum gutters, and more. With recent studies showing the environmental effects of lead, customers are looking for an alternative to gutters containing any heavy metals. They want the same durability and aesthetic of lead-coated copper gutters but without the lead. This is where Freedom Gray Copper gutters come into play. Freedom Gray is a standard sheet of copper coated on both sides with a unique, patented tin-zinc alloy. It has the same toughness as copper or lead-coated copper gutters, the same aesthetic as lead-coated copper gutters, but doesn’t have the environmental disadvantages of lead.

Can you paint on Freedom Gray Copper gutters?

Yes. Not only that, but the finish will look nearly identical to that of lead-coated copper gutters, which are often the top choice for their durability and “paint-ability.”

Will Freedom Gray Copper gutters look the same as lead-coated copper gutters?

While they’re both gray in color, Freedom Gray Copper gutters have a smooth, factory finish whereas lead-coated copper gutters have a rough finish.

Fun fact: There’s one surprising function of metal finishing that keeps your roof safe. It kills algae! Installing a metal ridge vent on your roof can essentially “bathe” your shingles in natural algaecide. Metals like copper, lead, and zinc all have the capability to kill algae. The more you know!