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Guild Quality Statistics: What Do They Mean?

We’re proud to announce that GF Sprague has maintained a 97% Likely to Recommend rating through Guild Quality. Now what does this mean and why is it important? Well similar to how the automotive industry has J.D. Power to rate and review vehicles, Guild Quality provides the same service for contractors, acting as an unbiased third-party surveyor of our customers. We look at these ratings not only as a reflection of our efforts every day, but also as a tool to guide us in our constant improvement. We may be celebrating our 50th year, but the only way we got here is by continuing to adjust what we do to best serve you.

The reason why we want to focus on this Likely to Recommend rating is it provides the best summary of a customer’s experience with us. Every part of a project, from the quality of the work, to the communication, to the customer feeling like they received a great value contribute to whether or not that homeowner would be willing to recommend us. Giving a recommendation means trusting that the company will do right by you in servicing your friend or family member. It’s because of this that we take so much pride in being able to say that a whopping 97% of our customers would recommend us to their friends.