Featured Project


Our customer was experiencing an active leak with water coming in from rain and snow through the wall and trim work surrounding their bedroom skylight. Naturally, the performance of the current skylight was called into question, however, before jumping to any conclusions the surrounding roof area and flashing needed to be inspected as well. To rule out the roof, our team tarped the skylight and performed a water test to see if it still leaked. The test revealed, that the skylight was the culprit!


Our team provided the customer with skylight replacement options and they chose a Velux solar skylight which also qualified them for a solar tax credit on the work completed! Crew leader Paul, first removed the existing skylight as well as the adjacent courses of shingles. Next he carefully transported the new skylight in position and performed a series of leveling measures to ensure the accuracy of it’s placement. Once the skylight was in place, Paul secured the skylight and installed the flashing kit. Lastly on the exterior, he replaced the surrounding shingles and buttoned the roof up water tight! Now for the interior, Paul replaced the trim and wall area surrounding the skylight that had been damaged by the water infiltration. The end result was a happy customer who had a new skylight that no longer leaked, interior that looked like new, a solar shade that allowed for improved functionality, a forever warranty on the work completed and a solar tax credit on the work to boot. Job well done Paul, not bad for a day’s work!

Solar Skylight Replacement