Featured Project


This homeowner in Sherborn, MA had called out our experts to look at some damaged slate near one of her windows to see if a repair or replacement slate was needed. After a inspection from our certified expert, they determined that the slate did need to be replaced. Along with the slate, the siding right next to the affected slate had been damaged as well and needed to be repaired as well.


After reviewing all their options the homeowners decided to replace the affected slate with brand new pieces to create a tight seal to the rest of the roof. Along with replacing the affected slate our craftsmen also repaired and replaced the siding near the damaged slate to make sure the new seal was as tight as possible and to a point where you can not see the new flashing underneath the slate at all. This homeowner no longer has to worry about water or any other debris slipping into her roof! Another fantastic job by the entire G.F. Sprague team!

Slate and Siding Repair in Sherborn, MA