Featured Project


A prospect called us with a leak near the chimney.  Upon inspection it was determined that the chimney and roofing had to be redone to address the issue.  While sitting down with both the husband and wife and reviewing the project, we learned that the customer wanted to insulate the house, but due to the design there was no proper way to do it from the inside with all of the knee walls and sloped ceilings without ripping down sheetrock.  This would be expensive, time consuming, and would require the family to move out for an extended time.


The challenge for G.F. Sprague was to find a way to address the roofing and insulating needs at the same time.  We partnered with a foam insulation company.  When we removed the shingles from the roof, we also removed the plywood, so the insulators could insulate all of the hard to get areas from the top side.  This saved the homeowner the expense and aggravation of having to rip down sheetrock in order to insulate fully.  In the end, the customer got not only what they needed but also what they wanted – a nice dry insulated house.

Shingle Roof and Insulation Installation