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I wish you had told me.  This is the worst phrase we can hear at our company when the project is done.

I wish I knew there was a nicer shingle available.

I wish I knew I could have insulated the crawl spaces while doing the roof.

I wish I knew I could have had copper or larger gutters.

I wish I knew you were going to start so early in the morning.

I wish I knew I could have changed the siding while doing the roof to get a better job. People ask us to send them, e-mail them, a price on what we think they want.  The average contractor spends an hour at your house trying to figure out your issues.  You have lived at the house for months or years.  Who do you think has a better idea of what you want?


To solve this problem we sit down with all of the parties who have input regarding the project, and spend an hour with them to make sure we hit all of their needs, from scheduling, scope to logistical issues.  Doesn’t it make sense to make sure you have the correct project before you make any decisions?

When you are done with your project do you want to say, “I wish I knew?”

I Wish You Had Told Me