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One of the biggest dangers in the winter time is ice. Ice on your roof, ice on your gutters, and especially ice on your driveway. While the first two locations cause damage to your home, ice on your driveway, can be risk to your life. Falls and car accidents are common result of untreated ice.

A recent customer called and complained about ice on both their front stairs and driveway. It was impeding their ability to walk safely to their car. We found that the cause of the increase in ice on their stairs and driveway was due to a downspout moving water into the direction of these two locations.


After discovering the cause, we went ahead and installed larger gutters. Doing this allowed us to move the downspout away from the driveway and into an area that wouldn’t be a safety risk. The family no longer has ice problems on their driveway!

Dangers of Ice on Your Driveway