Featured Project


This homeowner in Needham, MA during an overlook of their roof believed their chimney needed some attention after noticing their flashing was loose. After an inspection by our certified expert they determined that the flashing did need to be refitted to the chimney to make sure no water got into the cracks and led to a bigger issue. Along with the flashing, the back of the chimney was creating a choke point for snow and debris which was not allowing for all the weather of New England to flow off the roof.


After reviewing all their options, the homeowners choose to use copper to on their chimney which always adds a nice shine to your home. To combat the issue of the choke point, the homeowner decided on a nice simple split behind their chimney which will make sure that all water, snow, and any other debris can flow off the roof and away from the home.

Chimney Flashing and Ridge Repair in Needham, MA