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When replacing a shingle roof, there are a few issues which can arise. The first is a simple aesthetic issue, as shingles can create the appearance of lines running across the roof if the shingles are installed in a straight line pattern. This type of installation can also create performance issues as well. When the shingles are aligned this way, it can create channels that not only allow water to pool but makes it much easier for water to penetrate the shingles and create leaks throughout the roof. This can basically lead to a new roof having the same issues as the old one. So the question arises, how are these issues avoided?


The answer is simple: pyramid the shingled. What this means is rather than installing shingles in a straight up and down pattern, they are staggered to create a pyramid appearance. This method of installation works on multiple levels. Aesthetically, this avoids ugly lines running across the roof and creates a uniform look which is much more appealing. From a performance standpoint, this is much more effective as well, as the overlapped shingles eliminated the points where water could easily penetrate the roof. it also makes it easier for water to run off the roof without running under the shingles.

Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement