Featured Project


After hearing about our company on a local Facebook group, this homeowner in Wellesley, MA called in contemplating whether or not to replace their aging asphalt shingle roof and rotting wooden gutters. We assured the customer that our inspection will give the customers the answer they need. After we sent out one of our certified experts for a 10 point inspection, it was clear that it was time for the roofing system to receive a facelift. Not only were there holes in the rotting wooden gutters, but the asphalt shingle roof had shingles falling from their hinges. There was significant water damage in the carpentry and mold formation.


Because the home was Victorian, the customers thought wooden gutters would be the best option, but chose copper gutters because of their durability and similar aesthetic to their home. We affirmed that notion and agreed that their best option would be copper gutters. In addition to the gutters, we went forward with an entire asphalt shingle roof replacement. Our customers we’re extremely satisfied with the final result.

Asphalt Shingle Roof and Copper Gutters in Wellesley, MA