Choosing the Right Shingles for your Home

Roofing Contractors Brookline: Choosing the Right Shingles for your HomeRoofing Contractors Brookline: Choosing the Right Shingles for your Home

At GF Sprague, our Brookline roofing contractors understand that any roofing project- from a small roof repair project due to winter damage to a complete roof replacement- is a big deal. After all, your roof is the most fundamental structural element of your home. It is the roof, not the doors, windows, or siding, that is in charge of protecting both the inside and outside of the home from all of nature’s elements. Plus, your roof can be seen from every angle of your house, so it needs to look as good as it functions. So, it is important that you get your Brookline roofing project done correctly, which means choosing the right roof. With all of the roofing options GF Sprague has, you need to determine 2 main components of your home improvement project: the product and the service. For service, GF Sprague is always your best option, with the top team of Brookline roofing contractors who are timely, professional, and work within your budget. For product, our craftsmen are licensed and certified to work with a variety of materials. The ultimate decision of roofing material requires knowledge about all types to determine which are best for your home’s protection, look, and budget.

Roofing Brookline: The Guide to Choosing Shingles

Our Brookline roofing contractors have created a simple guide to the different types of shingles for your new roof to help you determine which are right for your home. Shingle options are important for several reasons: fitting into your budget, satisfying aesthetic tastes, protecting your home from the elements and working well for your environment, and the longevity of their lifespan. Although many homeowners tend to replace their roofs over the years with the same types of shingles, they are doing themselves a disservice by not exploring other options and limiting themselves to one type of shingles.

Asphalt Shingles – The ideal Brookline roofing material for cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance. The most common type of shingle used by Brookline roofing companies is asphalt. In fact, asphalt is used on over 80% of homes today. Asphalt is low-cost yet remains effective and durable, lasting around 25 years. They are easy to fix, replace, or even completely reinstall in a matter of a few days, keeping labor time and costs down. Another advantage is that they come in a wide range of colors, thicknesses, and textures, making it easy to fit the tastes and needs of any homeowner. A final advantage to asphalt is the product’s recyclability, with its combination of organic paper fiber, fiberglass, asphalt, and mineral granules. While there are varieties of asphalt shingles to choose from and different levels of quality, the possible limitation to asphalt is that it is a more basic roof, with fewer options for high-end style than other roof types.

Wood ShinglesA favorite of roofing contractors in Brookline, because of its high-end look and feel. Wood shingles remain common and appreciated by Brookline roofing contractors. Typically made of cedar or redwood, shingles retain a natural look with a silver-gray color. The look is admired not only for being natural, but for looking higher-quality and making the home’s exterior look nicer. Wood shingles retail a high installation value and are easy to repair, lasting anywhere from 20-40 years, depending on weather conditions, wood type and quality, and whether your roof is wood shingle or shake. Although they provide strength against wind resistance, they have little fire resistance. A downside to wood is that it weathers, meaning you will be seeing your roofing company in Brookline more often for maintenance.

Copper RoofingBeautiful and unique from an aesthetic viewpoint, copper is energy-efficient and structurally solid. Copper roofing is one of the more unique options of roofing Brookline has, and is becoming an increasingly popular trend as metal roofing options spread. Copper starts off as a high sheen finish and later evolves into a blue-green patina finish for a classic yet unique complement to your home. The beautiful curb appeal of copper can raise your home’s resale value. With basic maintenance, copper roofs can last more than 50 years. Copper is strong, fire-resistant, and fights against elements like hail and mildew. What’s more, this versatile metal is energy efficient, helping you save on heating and cooling costs while helping the environment. Structurally, the roofing is lightweight so as to put less stress on the internal components of the home. Installation is quick and easy, but the material is more costly than traditional roofing options. During weather changes, copper roofs may expand and contract, necessitating regular maintenance. Some people may find the fact that copper does not buffer noise as well as other materials to be a drawback, too.

Slate RoofingThe Brookline roofing that delivers a lifetime of style, quality, and protection. For a clean and modern look, try a slate roof. Slate shingles have grown increasingly popular for their stylish and high-end appearance combined with a long lifespan. They add value to any property for being sought-after and made from high-quality materials. Being stone, slate is completely fireproof and very water-resistant. Slate is also very resistant to mildew, mold, and other sources of contamination, meaning minimal maintenance costs. With the right choice of quality Brookline roofing contractors, slate roofing can last a lifetime- this means big savings over time and an investment that pays for itself.

Roofing Contractors Brookline: No Matter What Your Needs, Get the Best Roofing Brookline Offers

Choosing the best roof and roofing contractors Brookline has really does matter. GF Sprague has over 45 years of experience of working in local communities throughout Massachusetts to repair, replace, and install residential and commercial roofs. If you’re looking for quality roofing from experts you can trust, GF Sprague has the team of roofing contractors Brookline relies on. Each type of roofing we offer has a distinct set of features, which is why encourage you to take the time to talk with a professional to see what is best for your home. Contact GF Sprague’s Brookline roofing contractors to discuss your roofing options and get a free roof evaluation today!