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Why Should I Use Copper Chimney Flashing


When working on a chimney, ensuring the flashing has been installed properly is one of the most important factors. A chimney is essentially creating a hole in your roof, and flashing is what is used to surround the area where the chimney hits the roof to ensure a watertight seal. While their are a variety of materials you could use for the flashing, we often opt for copper. The question is why?


We use copper flashing a lot for a few reasons. The first is that our craftsmen are able to bend and cut the metal to any shape they need, allowing them to accommodate any chimney. The second reason is that copper pairs very well with a slate roof. It functions well when tied into the slates, creating a watertight seal. The final reason is pretty straightforward, being that copper work on a slate roof looks beautiful. The shiny copper paired with the slate creates a fantastic aesthetic that you're sure to enjoy.