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Roof Replacement Clean Up


When completing any exterior restoration project, one of the problems that can arise is keeping the property clean. Falling debris from the roof can easily spread across the yard, leaving a significant cleanup once the job is done. this can result in a whole new issue forming, as the roof or gutters may be installed right but now the homeowner has to deal with a yard scattered with nails and debris.


At GF Sprague we pride ourselves on leaving every job site just as clean when we leave as when we got there, with some of our customers even saying they couldn't even tell we were there. one of the ways we do this is by making sure all of the trash and debris ends up where it should. When working on taller properties, the way we do this is by securing a tarp off the side of the roof. This allows debris to stay neatly piled on the ground. It even ensures that debris from the roof won't wind up on something like a deck, evidenced by the photo below.