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Getting Up On Your Roof the Right Way


One of the elements of a project that can often get overlooked is how the crew get to the problem area, whether its the roof, gutters, chimney, or windows. Most homeowners focus on the color of the new shingles, whether the new gutters will be aluminum or copper, or how many windows they should replace. While these elements are definitely important, there are other factors which determine if you will get the right project to fix your problem. One of the most important is making sure the crew sets the job site up safely so they can complete the project as efficiently and effectively as possible. For this project we had to handle a house that was taller than usual. So how did we complete this project?


The answer is proper staging. Our crew are trained to be able to properly stage up to the roof in any situation, whether it's a home in Newton or a brick condo in Boston. Being able to put up our own staging means our crew is completely comfortable going up and down the staging, meaning they can complete your job as efficiently as possible. While safety is the part of your project that can easily be overlooked in favor of focusing on styles and colors, it's one of the elements that ensures your project can be done right. When you're picking a contractor, make sure you pick the one that knows how to work on your home the right way.