Bundle to Save a Bundle

Exterior Renovation bundles needham

Bundling isn’t a new idea, nor is it specific to any industry. Insurance companies, TV service providers, and many other industries have been offering bundle incentives for years. Bundle deals are so prevalent because they are the best of both worlds for both the Homeowner and the Company. This is especially true when it comes to the Exterior Renovation bundles. Let’s talk about why bundling your next set of renovations is the right move.

1) Responsibility

Communicating and coordinating with three different companies working on the same house can be a major headache, even if you break up the project over a couple of years! It eats up time, time that could be spent working on your house. When you have a single point of responsibility the whole process streamlines, expediting the job and cutting cost, and down the road all your renovation are under the same warranty, giving you confidence that any problems down the road will be handled easily and professionally.

2) Quality

Using one, high-quality, company for all your exterior renovation needs helps to ensure that all the work done on your house is held to the same standard. Things also are integrated more smoothly and efficiently.

3) Aesthetics

The curb appeal of your house can take a major hit when you have partial trade projects, where we can’t see the job through from start to finish. Mismatched materials can also affect your home, resulting in a hodgepodge look that no one likes. A common example of this is what we call a racing strip where new shingles are laid out next to the old causing a clear weather line down the middle of the roof

4) Same Life Cycle

Bundling doesn’t just make things easier now; it makes things simpler down the road as well. When all your components have the same lifecycle repairs and replacements down the road become much simpler.

5) Money

The most important of all the benefits of bundling. When you hire one company to do the whole renovation you are paying for one company to come out one time, order materials once, and the same workers to come and work on your home. These factors result in much lower costs. When you book all your projects with one company at the same time you reduce the cost of remobilization, and reduce the time frame of the project, both of which result in savings for you, the homeowner.

Bonus point: Financing

Rolling all your renovations into one comprehensive project allows you to finance the whole job, allowing you to get work done today that you might not have been able to afford otherwise.