Leading Roof Repair & Gutter Company in Newton, MA

Leading Roof Repair & Gutter Company in Newton, MA

Roof Repair And Roof Replacement company in Newton, MA

Consistently named one of the best and safest cities to live in, Newton, MA is a popular location for families because of its quiet neighborhoods, good schools, and proximity to Boston for short commutes. But enjoying life in one of Newton’s thirteen villages requires a home that can live up to the city’s high standards – and that’s where GF Sprague’s roof repair and other home services can help!

As a fully certified, award-winning roofing contractor, GF Sprague has over 50 years of experience offering roof repair and replacement services to local home and business owners. We only employ hardworking individuals with the skills and training to do whatever it takes for our homeowners, and we use top-tier products from innovative, trustworthy manufacturers.

Common types of roof damage:

  • Roof leaks
  • Missing/cracked/curling shingles
  • Dark spots on the roof
  • Blistering of paint on interior & exterior
  • Wind & hail damage

Our roof repair services can fix damage caused by anything from hail or wood rot to normal wear and tear. And if you’re thinking of selling your home, if your roof is over 25 years old, or if it has experienced severe damage in a storm, we can also help with roof replacement. A new roof is often a cost effective option – chances are you’ll receive a return on your investment when you sell, because buyers appreciate the extra peace of mind.

If you live in Newton, MA or a city nearby, GF Sprague is your best choice to fix your roof. Schedule a free estimate today!

Install A New Gutter System To Complement Your Roof

Your roof depends on a reliable gutter system to dispose of water. But when issues like clogging, hail damage, or improperly installed downspouts get the best of your gutters, suddenly they can cause a lot of chaos. GF Sprague has the best materials available for superior gutter installation, repair, and replacement.

What you can expect from our gutter services:

  • Inspection and measurements prior to installation
  • Custom gutter solutions, measured to exact specifications
  • Strong, seamless, watertight gutters
  • Complete clean-up and debris removal
  • Gutter protection and gutter systems installed by licensed professionals

Reliable Chimney Repairs For Your Newton, MA Home

Anything from storms to old age can cause a wide variety of problems for your chimney. The best way to ensure that your chimney can do its job is by performing regular inspections and maintenance – if you’re having your roof or gutters looked at, don’t neglect the chimney! GF Sprague’s professionals can solve issues like damaged flashing or brickwork, broken crowns and caps, crumbling mortar, and interior obstructions or cracks. We can also help with emergency chimney services along with our repair, installation, and replacement expertise.

Interested in restoring safety and beauty to your home’s exterior? No matter how big or small your problem might seem, GF Sprague has the resources required to get the job done right – and a philosophy that means we always treat our customers fairly. Schedule a free estimate for any of our roofing, gutter, chimney, replacement window, or other services today! We serve residential customers in Newton, MA and nearby.