7 Home Office Upgrades for Maximum Productivity

1. Add more light

One of the best things you can do for your home office is to add more light. It’s important to add as much light as possible to make your body feel more awake. This will help with your productivity.

2. Quickly convert to a standing desk

Standing desks have a lot of great health benefits including reduced weight gain and less back pain. They’ve even shown signs of lowering the risk of heart disease.

3. Get an office plant

Plants liven up space and they make an office more enjoyable to work in. Decide if you want a small or large plant depending on your home office space.

4. Make it ergonomic

Feeling comfortable in your home office space is important and making your desk ergonomic is one step to doing so. There are plenty of tips online to help.

5. Get a comfy desk chair

Another way to make sure you are ergonomic is to have a comfy, supportive desk chair. Search online for one that suits your body type best.

6. Get quality speakers to listen to productive music

Whether you are most productive listening to cafe sounds or rock music, you want to make sure that whatever speakers or headphones you use will actually make you more productive. You’ll be able to fill your workspace with your favorite mood music and not be distracted by the poor audio quality.

7. Hang a whiteboard

Having a whiteboard to doodle ideas, to-dos, and other things is important in an office space. Having one close to your desk will make it extremely easy to jot down any thought that comes to mind so that you can take action on it later.