6 Tips to Safely Host Guests This Summer

1. Keep gatherings small and spacious

Recommendations will vary by city and state, but 10 is generally the limit, if you can accommodate different groups at a distance. The six-foot rule still applies, and outside is much safer than inside.

2. Curate a guest list to keep everyone safe

Invite family and friends who you know well and who have been healthy without any sickness for the past 14 days. Trust is important, so consider that when making your guest list.

3. Mask up and sanitize

Encourage guests to bring masks, knowing it’s fine to remove them to eat or drink at a distance. Don’t forget to make alcohol-based hand sanitizer available to all guests throughout your event and to help make your entertaining space sanitary for everyone.

4. Make guests feel special with individual portions

You can get creative with dishes that are individually portioned. Pre-slice foods and wrap them in plastic and pre-portion cold salads and hot dishes. Remember to sanitize your hands in all steps of food prep and wear a mask to avoid contaminating what you’ll be serving. Drinks should also be pre-portioned in cans, bottles, or pre-filled cups.

5. Consider disposable serving/eating items

Consider using disposables for all food items. There are plenty of host-worthy disposable dinnerware options available if you want to set socially distant tablescapes.

6. Plan distant activities

Plan ahead to keep kids and adults entertained with touch-free activities. Curate a playlist for a distanced dance party, cue up a round of charades, play BINGO with scratch-off cards, or think of more socially distant activities and maybe create a new summer tradition.