5 Types of Ventilation That Stop the Heat!

5 Types of Ventilation That Stop the Heat

Proper home ventilation is important not only for the health of you and your home but for your wallet and the earth as well! Without proper ventilation, warm air can travel through ceilings, windows, walls, and floors. You will find your air conditioning unit running more often and your energy bill much higher. If you don’t take steps to ventilation multiple parts of your home, then you will pay for it, literally. Here are the most important forms of ventilation for your home.

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1. Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation includes ridge ventilation, soffit ventilation, gable vents, and more. These types of ventilation keep the temperature of your home regulated by allowing a consistent airflow through your attic. When attics become hot, your air conditioner becomes overloaded and the air quality is poor.

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2. Windows

Windows are a timeless way to ventilate your home. Cross-ventilation between windows was the air conditioning of the past. If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient choice than air conditioning, windows can be your best friend.

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3. Skylights

If your skylight has the ability to open, it could function as another source of ventilation for your home. Because hot air naturally rises, skylights work to pull that warm air out our your home and into the atmosphere. If you open a window on the first floor of your home, the fresh air will fill the room while pushing the warm, stale air out of the skylight.

Exposing yourself and your home to excessive heat with improper ventilation is a health and structural risk. Taking the necessary steps and installing the right forms of ventilation will keep your roof, home, and attic happy!